Apr. 17th, 2017 02:38 pm
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Will had been gone far longer than Fin had expected, long enough that he was starting to worry. There was no cell service on the other side though and he knew better than to go hunting for him. He barely knew his way around the few places there he actually knew- There was no way he'd go wandering anywhere strange and new. He was no good to the other fae if he was lost.

Instead he'd been staying home more, leaving the set the moment filming was done and lingering by the mirror the other fae had left through. Often, he found himself as a fox, curled up by the mirror and whining softly to himself. Tonight was no different.

He'd dragged a pillow over beside it, and the white pile of fluff looked less like a prince and more like a neglected pet as he sat quietly, waiting.


Jan. 3rd, 2017 10:47 pm
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Fin had slept all morning, still in his fox form, curled up on a cushion and looking extra fluffy.  He slept peacefully, but waking up was far from a treat. His hangover had him wobbling on four paws, trying to hop down off the bed, and then whining loudly.

Hungover fox. Dizzy fox, he sulked.

He really needed to shift back into his human self, but his headache was making that a touch impossible. He needed to sober up first.


Jan. 3rd, 2017 09:07 pm
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He'd been working everyday since New Years Eve, filming episodes of a new show- Or, well, a reboot of an old show, but one that the Beeb seemed to have a lot of faith in. It was much more physical than Viewfinder or any of the mini's he'd done had been though, and during a minor stunt that involved jumping over several small obstacles, Fin had gotten slightly wound up in the long coat his character wore, and had found himself on his backside.

Despite insisting he was fine, he'd been taken to the ER to have his ankle looked at. Something about insurance and health and safety... Whatever. Either way, apparently this was how his day was going now. Best to just go along with it.

"Any prior injuries?" the pleasant female doctor asked. She'd been smiling since he'd walked in, and though she was playing it cool, he could tell she was a fan. So now they were both doing that awkward dance where they both pretended she wasn't. She'd steal an extra glance, and he'd pretend not to notice and just smile- Desperate to make sure that when she told all her friends about it, the story was a pleasant one.

"To my ankle? No. ...No, I don't think so," Fin replied, glancing at the clock and wondering how long he was going to be here. 
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When he wasn't working, and there was nowhere he needed to be, Fin found himself spending quite a bit of time in his fox form. All white fur and small paws, he trotted around the flat quite happily, poking around in places he'd never found interesting before. It was remarkable the amount of new and interesting places there were to sleep when you were a fox. From sofa cushions on the floor, to empty packaging from things purchased online. ...He'd even been known to share Keats' bed- Something the poor dog found very confusing.

Now and then he'd sneak out to the garden, chasing birds or sleeping under the bench, There was a lot of sleeping to be done, it seemed. Nearly as much sleeping as there was eating.

Occasionally he'd curl up on Will's pillow, inhaling the scent of the other fae until he felt warm and content.

He'd even attempted to bathe as a fox once, just out of curiosity, but that hadn't gone very well.

The best thing though, the best thing ever, was to find places to hide. Open cupboards, little shoe boxes... Any small space he could wriggle his way into and lurk. He liked to find quiet spaces like that, and then simply watch Will while he worked on his music. Small and sneaky, he crept about and observed. ...Not that being sneaky ever lasted. He would always eventually slink out of his secret spot to climb into Will's lap for a short nap. Or curl up beside the sleeping fae to share his warmth.

He felt safe as a fox. Protected somehow. ...Enough so that he wondered why he ever bothered being human at all.


Dec. 31st, 2016 01:24 am
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from here

Fin nuzzled at him a bit, then nipped again, sharp teeth scraping against skin.

"Have you ever caught a fae before though? I think it'll be hard to get me in there, unless I want to go," he taunted.

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from here 

Fin grinned, moving off his lap.
"Bloody right it is," he nodded, settling back on his knees and unfastening the doctor's trousers. He was allowed to have a little detour from his party after all. Just a bit of fun, then back to dancing and greeting the guests.


Oct. 1st, 2016 11:35 pm
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It was late, and there was a long moment where he thought he might just go to bed. In fact, he even went into his flat first, changing into pyjama bottoms, and sitting on his bed.

He sat there for a long moment, then slowly got to his feet, feeling his way along to the room he and Will had once shared, his magic reaching out and feeling for the other fae. He couldn't see, but he knew Will was sleeping, and after a moment he climbed into bed beside him, settling in close against the other Fae's back.


Sep. 15th, 2016 12:11 am
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from here

Fin hesitated visibly, then wet his lips.

"Um, well, I quite being bound," he offered, deciding that was mainstream enough these days that House wouldn't find it too shocking. "I don't need it though, I mean Will's not into those sorts of things, not really."


Sep. 11th, 2016 06:28 pm
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from here

 "I've only been once," Fin admitted. "The owner, however, made it clear I'm always welcome.
Inside was as plain as the outside, a single man at a small desk, who looked at Fin for a long moment, but spoke only to Jack. A simple action that made it clear what sort of client they generally catered to.

"There are no penthouses or suites available at this time, but there are two rooms currently available. Grey or Black, both free for the entire night if needed," the man said.

Leaning in, Fin spoke in Jack's ear. "Grey means a bigger room, but less- amenities. Black is smaller, but offers more options. Both will be nice rooms, and there's no obligation to use anything provided."


Aug. 15th, 2016 02:50 pm
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from here

The girl in front of the changing rooms was young, well dressed and pretty, her golden hair piled up on her head. She was arranging items on a nearby rack, but Fin could see she had her phone in one hand, clearly texting with someone rather than working. She was so invested in the conversation she was tapping out, that it wasn't until he was at her side that she even seemed to notice him.

A short conversation and a carefully passed bill, and suddenly the rooms were marked as closed and she was turning a blind eye as he gestured for Angelique to follow him inside.
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He quite liked living with Pippa, if he was honest. His sister had a rhythm to her life that was easy to fall into. Beneath the madness and the chaos that was her flat, she had an order to her life that he envied. She woke early, went for a run, had her tea and did her yoga. She had work hours and 'office' hours, and then a set time where she had her dinner or called it a day. She wasn't shy about chasing him out of the flat when he was in the way, and had split her office in half so he could have a place to sit and write. In the evenings they watched old films together, and Pippa would often entertain him with stories of her travels and her many cases.

It was new, and yet it felt right. There was something about the way their magic reached out and intertwined, the way they could have whole conversations without saying a word. It was comforting. It was home.

They also seemed aware of the same things, like the way the air just smelled wrong tonight. The way the clouds hung too low, and the mirror seemed to be watching them. Wordlessly, they exchanged a look filled with a shared knowledge that tonight wasn't going to be like any other. Something had changed, something was coming.

"We should get out of here," Fin said finally. "We both know something's on the way, so why are we sitting here? Why are we just waiting?"

Pippa was silent for a moment, then wet her lips with a flick of her tongue. "Because we already know what it is. We've felt it before, we just didn't know what it was then," she added softly.

"I don't know what it is now, Pippa," Fin insisted, looking confused.

Pippa tilted her head, watching him with a confused frown. "You didn't feel that? ...It felt like loss. It felt like... It felt like when father died. I think- I think whoever comes through that mirror is only going to have one thing to say. They're going to tell us grandfather has passed," she said softly. "It makes sense. Why he came to us recently, why he reached out. He knew he was running out of time."

Fin was silent for a moment, then exhaled with a shiver. "And what if you're wrong? What if they're coming to kill me again?" he asked.

"Then we fight," Pippa said calmly. "But running isn't the answer, it'll only prolong the problem.

They were both silent for a while after that, Pippa returning to the book she'd been reading while Fin tried not to drift off to sleep on the sofa.

It was midnight when the mirror began to ripple and sing, a fair skinned creature stepping through just as Fin woke and sat up in his seat and Pippa reached for a knife she kept hidden nearby- Not that she had a chance to grab it before the creature froze them both in place.

"I'm not here to quarrel," it said, pushing violet hair back from it's face as it observed the pair. "I come with news, and the need to set things back on their right path. Your grandfather is dead, and you, Kelly Pippa Flynn, as the eldest of your remaining bloodline, now wear his title. Ruler of the trooping fae. Forgotten Queen of the Wilds."

Frozen from the neck down, Pippa frowned and tried to stand. "If that's all you've come to say, why freeze us? We hardly knew our grandfather, and Forgotten Queen hardly sounds like a title worth getting upset over."

The fae glanced at Fin then, a sadness in his eyes. "Because there is still unfinished business. Before he passed, your grandfather managed to broker some peace- But there's a price. There is always a price."

Fin tried to struggle, but he couldn't move at all, even as his heart began to race.

"Things must continue on as they were intended to be. The Forgotten Queen in power, and The Blind Prince at her side. You both fill the roles you were meant to play, and the fighting ends. Together you restore power to the wild fae, create a balance in the lands that has been missing so long few even recall it- And Finlay may return to his Seelie love if he chooses- For a price I don't think is very high."

"Don't," Fin said finally, his voice soft and broken. "Please don't."

Pippa wasn't nearly so meek though, fighting the magic that held her in place. "If you hurt him, I will end you!" she warned, her voice a low rumble that seemed to shake the whole flat.

"So it must be then, I accept my fate for what I must do," the fae said softly, reaching out and covering Fin's eyes with his hand.

The first time he'd gone blind, it had been pure pain, with strange shadows and faint lights. The doctors had been able to help a little, restoring it to a point, but that hadn't lasted long, and soon it had just been... Dark. This time- It was different this time. The world went dark, but only for a moment. In what felt like an instant his magic took over, reaching out to study the room for him, and painting a portrait in his mind. It wasn't perfect, but- It was something. Like living in some strange and twisted little picture book.

A small mercy.

He could hear Pippa swearing and yelling, his magic offering him a taste of the anger on her face as the fae retreated to the mirror. He couldn't focus though. It was all a soft blur or images. More a Monet than a Sargent.

The spell broke, and he felt Pippa reach his side before his mind could catch up and show her there.

"Oh god, Fin?" she said quietly, her hands shaking even though he could tell she was trying to sound calm. 

Reaching out, Fin touched her face, his hand going still as the image became clearer. Suddenly she was photo realistic in a sea of spilled paint.

"It's okay," he said quietly. "I'm okay, Pippa. ...I think- I think it's finally over."


Aug. 1st, 2016 10:38 pm
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from here

 "Classy," Fin said, looking up at the mirror, then laughing. 

Usually Fin's laugh was warm and rich, but it seemed hollow now. Like a man laughing because he knew laughing was what he should do, not because he felt mirth. 

Turning, he started to unbutton his shirt. 


Jul. 12th, 2016 11:17 pm
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Hex had called earlier to see how he was doing, and Fin had been pleased to hear his friend sounding sober and somewhat cheerful. Pleased enough that he'd started to flirt a bit, eventually building up to an invitation to a night out.

He'd picked somewhere a bit posher than Hitch. A private club that he'd been invited to after his tape had leaked.

He'd warned Hex that the dress code here was a bit different. Suits or designer menswear on the main floor, with the darker things hidden down below in private rooms. So  Fin was dressed quite well tonight, smart trousers, a silk shirt, and his hair neatly combed. He sat at a table near the back, watching the door for Hex's arrival.


Jul. 10th, 2016 11:36 pm
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Continued from here

Fin couldn't help but laugh brightly, leaning into Will and resting his head on the other fae's shoulder. Maybe they wouldn't be alone, but home sounded like a very good idea.

It was a short ride home, and soon enough they were stepping into the lift that would take them to their flat.


Jun. 6th, 2016 05:52 pm
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from here

Fin was usually a bit defiant, but tonight he played it down a little. Tonight he was a faithful pet, only whimpering a little when Hex pulled his hair.
He sat as close as the space allowed, though had there been more room, he might have been on Hex's lap by now.

By the time they reached the club, Fin had found his head space, soft and submissive and very eager to please. Willing to play whatever part Hex wanted, to indulge any game or fantasy.


Jun. 3rd, 2016 11:30 pm
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from here

"Easily avoided if you try, I'm sure," Fin grinned, letting himself be led into the office, and looking around.
This would do.

Nudging the door shut behind them, he began to unbutton his shirt, his gaze raking over Rob as he shrugged it off and let it fall to the floor. He wore nothing now but his boots and leather trousers. ...Oh, and the necklace. It was certainly a look, and it was clear the blousey shirt had softened it quite a bit as Fin gracefully dropped to his knees in front of the puck, his fingers reaching to toy with Rob's zipper.

"I'm sorry I was so rotten before, but surely you forgive me now," he purred.


Jun. 2nd, 2016 09:44 pm
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With looming threats on all sides, Fin had taken to carrying a dagger, as Will had asked, and also to walking Winter to and from his dance class when Phouka was busy elsewhere. He knew it was making the pixie a little mad, not being allowed out unescorted, but the pixie had suffered enough in his short life, and Fin would protect him from further harm as best as he could.

“She asked if I would be willing to play a girl's part, but why are parts for only one or the other?” Winter asked, pulling Fin from his thoughts as they cut through the park. It was getting dark, but Fin wasn't worried. They were nearly home after all.

“Hmm? Oh, well, they just are, Winter. Though boys play girls and vice versa sometimes,” Fin assured him.

“I am pretty like girls are,” Winter chirped, and while anyone else would have sounded arrogant saying such a thing, Winter sort of got away with it simply by being so sweet looking.

“You're a bit pointy though,” Fin teased, smiling with the pixie scowled- A look that made him appear extra pointy.

“I can be pointy and pretty,” Winter huffed, though he relaxed a bit when Fin reached over to ruffle his hair.

Fin was about to say something more, but he paused at the odd sound of- Was that thunder? The skies had been clear all day, and- No, no that sound had almost an electric crackle to it. ...It was familiar somehow, and Fin's fingers curled around the dagger in his pocket. Had the park been this empty before? Suddenly it was as if no one was in sight, and- Oh. Oh, that wasn't good.

Thick fog slowly began to roll in, and Fin opened his mouth to speak Will's name, only to find he couldn't.

His next instinct was to protect Winter, and he caught the pixie by his shoulders. “Winter, can you speak... Can you- Can you say his name?” Fin asked, finding that he couldn't even speak part of Will's name- As it the air was charmed to silence such things.

Winter understood, and opened his mouth to try- Then let out a whimper. “I can't, his name wont leave my lips!” the pixie gasped.

“Shh, it's alright, it's okay. I need you to listen to me, Winter. I want you to make yourself small, as tiny as you can, and then fly up to that hollow in that tree. Do you see it? Good. You're to hide in there and not come out until I say so. And if something happens to me, anything at all, you are to stay there until tomorrow, or until you can speak his name. Do not leave until it's safe, Winter. Promise me,” Fin said firmly.

The fair haired pixie looked distraught, but nodded, shrinking himself down and taking off.

“Come out,” Fin said calmly, sounding bolder than he felt as he looked around. “The theatrics really aren't necessary. Show yourself and state your purpose.”

Fin wasn't sure what to expect, but a nearly seven foot tall man with skin paler than Winter's, and hair the colour of a polluted sea, was not it. The fae stepped closer, and Fin held his dagger tighter, his heart beating so fast he feared it would fail him.

“You are Finlay Fin, Fae, bound to the prince, Willy Silver. Is this correct?” it asked.

Fin wet his lips, taking a step back and nodding. “Yes. Yes I am. Who are you?” he asked, voice low and fighting to remain calm.

“That's not important,” the fae replied, drawing his sword. “You will kneel, and I will make this swift and painless.”

Fin looked at the sword, then at the creature. Fin was not a fighter, he just wasn't, and though his powers were starting to manifest here and there, he was absolutely no match for this opponent. He had a dagger, three inches long, iron- This fae, this creature, had a sword that was longer than Fin's arm. If he lunged at the creature, he'd be dead in an instant. It moved slowly, yes, but- Would it be slow if he attacked? Would he even get close before it drove that sword right through him?

Honestly, his odds of survival didn't seem very good, but- Luck had been on his side in the past. All he needed was one good cut. One slice in the right place and he might get away. Fin wasn't an expert, but he could see that the creature's own blade wasn't iron, which seemed worth noting. Instead it was some kind of engraved steel, so sharp that the edge looked like it could slice through anything- Certainly bone. So Fin could only assume he was being asked to kneel because- Well, that would certainly make removing his head a bit easier. Not that the creature needed more of a height advantage.

He was running out of time to think this out, and his mind kept returning to Winter, hiding in the tree. He didn't want the pixie to see this. If he failed, he didn't want to die knowing Winter had to witness it.

“I said, kneel, Finlay Flynn. You do not want to fight me,” the creature said, making it clear that the time to think was up.

“I don't get to speak my piece then?” Fin asked, trying to buy more time. “There's not some fae council I get to plead in front of? All these stupid rituals and wars you have, and you're just going to pop my head off in the park? Seems a bit anticlimactic, don't you think?”

The creature only put his hand on his shoulder and pushed him to his knees.

Head Of Troubled Gay Actor Found In Park, that's what the tabloids would read. That was the thought Fin had as he curled his fingers tighter around the stubby little dagger, and watched the fae move to stand behind him.

If I pull this off, if I live- I really am the luckiest bastard in London.

He'd done a scene like this. Okay, he hadn't fought back in that scene, he'd simply had his head chopped off via CGI, but it had taken some time to block. He recalled how important distance was, how close his executioner had to stand. That man hadn't been this tall, but...

Fuck it. if he was going to die, he should at least die fighting.

Fin saw the shadow of the sword being lifted, thanks to the unflattering and weak glow of the park lights, and before it could be lifted high enough to strike, he turned and buried the dagger in his attacker's ankle, twisting it and then pulling it back out as he rolled away.

The creature fell, and the magic around them shook.

“WILLY SILVER!” Fin shouted, scrambling away still, his gaze flickering up to the tree to see if Winter was still safe. With Will here, they could finish this fight.

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The day was still fairly young, but Fin was already a full bottle in as he lay sprawled out on the floor, surrounded by notebooks and crumpled up paper. He'd stolen several cushions from the sofa, and they propped him up slightly as he stared at what he'd written- Only to rip the page out a moment later and crumple it up as well, tossing it to lay with the rest of his failures and piles of poor prose.

There was a half empty wine glass within reach, and soft music filled the flat as he lit another cigarette and rolled onto his back, staring up at the ceiling. His head ached, his body even more so, and he closed his eyes for a long moment, as if he could will that pain away by simply shutting it out.

Don't sleep
, the voice said, and it had been long enough since Fin had last heard it that it genuinely startled him. ...Except this time, it hadn't been in his head. he was sure of it. It echoed around him, rather than inside, and Fin sat up slowly, wincing as his filigree and fae blood heart began to pound.

"Who's there?" he called softly, forcing himself to his feet and swearing softly when he knocked over his wine. Though the spill of plumb coloured liquid onto fine white carpet wasn't enough of a distraction to stop him from noticing the way the mirror over the mantle filled with thick black smoke. It was unnaturally dark, and it slowly spilled out from the simple silver frame, curling downwards and covering the floor.

The sound that accompanied it was... Haunting. There was no other way to describe it, and the creature that followed it through the mirror was like nothing Fin had seen- Which was saying something, since he'd been privy to quite a bit now. It was tall, perhaps even taller than Will, it's hair silver with skin like an oil slick. Black, and yet anything but. The light turned it blue, then green, shimmering and undefined. It was... Beautiful.

It was terrifying.

"Finlay Alexander Flynn, mortal, bound to Willy Silver," it said, voice low and deep, a rich sound that vibrated through his bones.

Fin said nothing at first, but eventually nodded.

"It wasn't a question," the creature assured him, observing him, then tilting its head. "You don't know me?" it asked.

Fin shook his head slowly, and took another step back. "I feel I'd remember if we'd met," he said slowly, choosing his words carefully.

"Your mind is limited by mixed blood," the creature replied. "I forget, mortal minds do not work like ours, and though you were always more fae than mortal, you still suffer their flaws. I suppose you were so small, your mind wasn't ready to recall things yet- Even things like me."

Fin opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again, looking truly baffled. "...I don't think I'm terribly fae at all," he assured it, though even as he spoke, he found himself thinking back to what his sister had told him. "Are you... Do you know my family?" he asked suddenly, wondering if this was what Pippa had meant about their family being different.

It felt like a stab in the dark, but the creature seemed pleased, and nodded. "I do not only know them, I am a part of it."

Again, Fin looked baffled. Sure, weird things seemed to happen all the time around here, but this... This was quite out there.

"....No, no you're- You're the voice from the cave. ...You're the thing that- You did this to me. You threatened Will!" he added, growing annoyed. "You don't just saunter out of a mirror and tell me you're my third cousin after something like that."

The creature cocked its head to the right, then frowned. "I did no such thing. I met you in the cave, through strange magic that allowed me near enough to reach you without causing alarm, but I have made no threats. ...I am also no cousin. I'm your grandfather, Tevaughn, and you should show me some respect."

Fin stared at him, silent, then furious. "Causing no alarm? YOU KILLED ME!" he shouted.

"I had no way of knowing you had been altered already, or what the blood of your lover would do when faced with mine. ...I can fix it though, if you'll allow it," Tevaughn replied calmly.

Fin laughed, sharp and unpleasant, his lip curling and his brow creasing. "Oh, yes, because being fixed always ends well for me. What is it then? Another deal? More magic? ...I have been so many things, altered so many ways- I don't even remember what it was like to be just me anymore."

Tevaughn studied him for a long moment, reaching to touch him, then going still when Fin drew away. 

"No deals,' he promised softly, waiting for Fin to calm before saying anything more. "I can't make you mortal again, but I can improve things. ...However, there is much you need to know before you agree. ...You were never meant to stay in this realm so long, Finlay, but your father, my son, he was- Stubborn. He didn't want to return, and you were so fragile."

Tevaughn sat down, and the smoke began to fade. "Your father was supposed to bring you home before you turned eighteen. As a mortal you were fated to die, but as a fae you could be cured. ...You needed to be cured. Surely Willy has told you- That you were chosen. That you were fated to meet?"

Will had, more than once, and every time Fin hard rolled his eyes.

"Together, in time, you will make a very powerful pair- But only if you allow me to undo what has been done to you," Tevaughn continued.

Fin was silent for a long moment, his mind slowly stitching together everything that had happened over the past few years. Every detail, every trouble, every odd occurrence and the unlikely amount of odds he and Will had faced. What had felt like chaos before, suddenly made sense.

"You threatened him though, the other week, I heard you, in my head. You said he was to meet you in battle- Or you'd destroy his heart," Fin said quietly.

Tevaughn frowned, shaking his head. "I assure you, I did not. ...But it does mean that things are progressing faster than I thought. People are going to fear you, Finlay, and they will do anything to stop you before you are healed. ...Please, I beg you Finlay, allow me to make this right."

Fin knew he shouldn't make any more rash decisions. After all, it was rash decisions that had left him as he was. Dead, in pain, suffering. ...A mess of a being, not dead, not alive, struggling with a temper and a sickness that ate at his soul. However, here and now, Tevaughn's words made a certain amount of sense. Something inside of him could feel the truth there, and the darkness in his gut was... It was quivering. It was afraid. It knew it was done for.

Perhaps he'd regret it later, but Fin would always be Fin. It was as though he couldn't help himself.

"Alright then. Fix me."


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