Jan. 3rd, 2017 09:07 pm
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He'd been working everyday since New Years Eve, filming episodes of a new show- Or, well, a reboot of an old show, but one that the Beeb seemed to have a lot of faith in. It was much more physical than Viewfinder or any of the mini's he'd done had been though, and during a minor stunt that involved jumping over several small obstacles, Fin had gotten slightly wound up in the long coat his character wore, and had found himself on his backside.

Despite insisting he was fine, he'd been taken to the ER to have his ankle looked at. Something about insurance and health and safety... Whatever. Either way, apparently this was how his day was going now. Best to just go along with it.

"Any prior injuries?" the pleasant female doctor asked. She'd been smiling since he'd walked in, and though she was playing it cool, he could tell she was a fan. So now they were both doing that awkward dance where they both pretended she wasn't. She'd steal an extra glance, and he'd pretend not to notice and just smile- Desperate to make sure that when she told all her friends about it, the story was a pleasant one.

"To my ankle? No. ...No, I don't think so," Fin replied, glancing at the clock and wondering how long he was going to be here. 
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