Nov. 14th, 2018


Nov. 14th, 2018 07:22 pm
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Once Halloween had faded and the mainland had returned to its usual coastal self, Fin in turn had returned to his usual routine. Most mornings were spent painting or writing, followed by a wander along the shoreline to see if anything interesting had washed up. Most days he found little more than sea glass and shells, but today he'd found something unusual, something of note. Today he'd found a leather jacket, well worn and loved. It had a heavy weight to it, and though Fin had never seen it before in his life, there was something about the look of it and the scent it still carried that felt painfully familiar and precious to him somehow.

Dusting the sand off, Fin held it close for a long moment before pulling it on. It was slightly too large, clearly made for someone taller and slightly broader than himself, but it still hugged his body in a way that felt normal. Like it had hung from his shoulders dozens of times before. 

His magic liked it too, he could feel it crackling and tingling beneath his skin as he slipped his hands into the coat pockets and began to head off towards The Dome for lunch.


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