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With looming threats on all sides, Fin had taken to carrying a dagger, as Will had asked, and also to walking Winter to and from his dance class when Phouka was busy elsewhere. He knew it was making the pixie a little mad, not being allowed out unescorted, but the pixie had suffered enough in his short life, and Fin would protect him from further harm as best as he could.

“She asked if I would be willing to play a girl's part, but why are parts for only one or the other?” Winter asked, pulling Fin from his thoughts as they cut through the park. It was getting dark, but Fin wasn't worried. They were nearly home after all.

“Hmm? Oh, well, they just are, Winter. Though boys play girls and vice versa sometimes,” Fin assured him.

“I am pretty like girls are,” Winter chirped, and while anyone else would have sounded arrogant saying such a thing, Winter sort of got away with it simply by being so sweet looking.

“You're a bit pointy though,” Fin teased, smiling with the pixie scowled- A look that made him appear extra pointy.

“I can be pointy and pretty,” Winter huffed, though he relaxed a bit when Fin reached over to ruffle his hair.

Fin was about to say something more, but he paused at the odd sound of- Was that thunder? The skies had been clear all day, and- No, no that sound had almost an electric crackle to it. ...It was familiar somehow, and Fin's fingers curled around the dagger in his pocket. Had the park been this empty before? Suddenly it was as if no one was in sight, and- Oh. Oh, that wasn't good.

Thick fog slowly began to roll in, and Fin opened his mouth to speak Will's name, only to find he couldn't.

His next instinct was to protect Winter, and he caught the pixie by his shoulders. “Winter, can you speak... Can you- Can you say his name?” Fin asked, finding that he couldn't even speak part of Will's name- As it the air was charmed to silence such things.

Winter understood, and opened his mouth to try- Then let out a whimper. “I can't, his name wont leave my lips!” the pixie gasped.

“Shh, it's alright, it's okay. I need you to listen to me, Winter. I want you to make yourself small, as tiny as you can, and then fly up to that hollow in that tree. Do you see it? Good. You're to hide in there and not come out until I say so. And if something happens to me, anything at all, you are to stay there until tomorrow, or until you can speak his name. Do not leave until it's safe, Winter. Promise me,” Fin said firmly.

The fair haired pixie looked distraught, but nodded, shrinking himself down and taking off.

“Come out,” Fin said calmly, sounding bolder than he felt as he looked around. “The theatrics really aren't necessary. Show yourself and state your purpose.”

Fin wasn't sure what to expect, but a nearly seven foot tall man with skin paler than Winter's, and hair the colour of a polluted sea, was not it. The fae stepped closer, and Fin held his dagger tighter, his heart beating so fast he feared it would fail him.

“You are Finlay Fin, Fae, bound to the prince, Willy Silver. Is this correct?” it asked.

Fin wet his lips, taking a step back and nodding. “Yes. Yes I am. Who are you?” he asked, voice low and fighting to remain calm.

“That's not important,” the fae replied, drawing his sword. “You will kneel, and I will make this swift and painless.”

Fin looked at the sword, then at the creature. Fin was not a fighter, he just wasn't, and though his powers were starting to manifest here and there, he was absolutely no match for this opponent. He had a dagger, three inches long, iron- This fae, this creature, had a sword that was longer than Fin's arm. If he lunged at the creature, he'd be dead in an instant. It moved slowly, yes, but- Would it be slow if he attacked? Would he even get close before it drove that sword right through him?

Honestly, his odds of survival didn't seem very good, but- Luck had been on his side in the past. All he needed was one good cut. One slice in the right place and he might get away. Fin wasn't an expert, but he could see that the creature's own blade wasn't iron, which seemed worth noting. Instead it was some kind of engraved steel, so sharp that the edge looked like it could slice through anything- Certainly bone. So Fin could only assume he was being asked to kneel because- Well, that would certainly make removing his head a bit easier. Not that the creature needed more of a height advantage.

He was running out of time to think this out, and his mind kept returning to Winter, hiding in the tree. He didn't want the pixie to see this. If he failed, he didn't want to die knowing Winter had to witness it.

“I said, kneel, Finlay Flynn. You do not want to fight me,” the creature said, making it clear that the time to think was up.

“I don't get to speak my piece then?” Fin asked, trying to buy more time. “There's not some fae council I get to plead in front of? All these stupid rituals and wars you have, and you're just going to pop my head off in the park? Seems a bit anticlimactic, don't you think?”

The creature only put his hand on his shoulder and pushed him to his knees.

Head Of Troubled Gay Actor Found In Park, that's what the tabloids would read. That was the thought Fin had as he curled his fingers tighter around the stubby little dagger, and watched the fae move to stand behind him.

If I pull this off, if I live- I really am the luckiest bastard in London.

He'd done a scene like this. Okay, he hadn't fought back in that scene, he'd simply had his head chopped off via CGI, but it had taken some time to block. He recalled how important distance was, how close his executioner had to stand. That man hadn't been this tall, but...

Fuck it. if he was going to die, he should at least die fighting.

Fin saw the shadow of the sword being lifted, thanks to the unflattering and weak glow of the park lights, and before it could be lifted high enough to strike, he turned and buried the dagger in his attacker's ankle, twisting it and then pulling it back out as he rolled away.

The creature fell, and the magic around them shook.

“WILLY SILVER!” Fin shouted, scrambling away still, his gaze flickering up to the tree to see if Winter was still safe. With Will here, they could finish this fight.

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It was customary to call him thrice to summon him, but he and Fin had a bond unlike any other and so once was quite enough. Especially once uttered with such command and desperation. There was a crack of thunder as Willy appeared, a dramatic entrance quite becoming of a Prince of the Seelie.

In his hand he held a sword. His sword. His battle weapon forged by dwarves of cold iron, meant to kill his kind.

His hair shivered in the wind that followed his appearance and he stepped close to his foe.

"Who dares attack me and mine?" he demanded, knowing only the most foolish assassin would give his true name.

Date: 2016-06-03 04:12 am (UTC)
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"You may return and say you have failed. You may have your shame over death," he offered generously. His offer was met with a raised sword.

"I do not wish to kill you, prince," the creature said.

"You will not," Willy chuckled and began to swing his sword in a threatening dance.

Date: 2016-06-03 04:42 am (UTC)
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Willy's eyes were dark and only grew darker. The sky boiled above them and the leaves of the trees around then shivered. The prince took Fin's removal of himself as an invitation and he lifted his sword.

"You could only hope for a quick death," he said and sliced through the air. A wound opened across the fae's chest and luminous blue fluid flowed from him. The edges of the wound smoked and crisped black.

He circled around and as the creature screamed in pain he impaled him from behind. The cold iron blade pierced through his chest and Willy lifted up to deal a killing blow, then kicked the fae off his sword. It writhed and shrieked and then began to dissolve into a toxic sludge that burned the grass in the shape of his body.

Willy looked wild and feral, the kill making him sharper, darker, and truly dangerous looking.

Date: 2016-06-03 04:51 am (UTC)
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"Yes. Yes, he would have killed you," he said. "And he would have been forced to kill me in an attempt to defend his own life. But that is not a worry now. He is gone."

Willy's sword vanished, not gone but made invisible and hidden away.

"He was powerful. One of my mother's own, but not a Phouka. He was he special guard. Be wary of them, Fin. More are sure to come. And their mirror from the Unseelie court. We may not know peace for some time now."

His eyes slowly faded to the soft, deep brown they normally were.

Date: 2016-06-03 05:18 am (UTC)
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Willy draped his arm around Winter's shoulders and rested his hand on the pixie's chest as if to hold him back.

"Perhaps it would be wise to fight other foes," he said. "The queen's own are terribly dangerous, Winter. And though you are brave, they are...bigger," Willy continued thoughtfully.

"We must all take care. Great care. Until Fin's power is full and ripe they will keep trying to kill him. And the rest of us as well."

Date: 2016-06-03 05:26 am (UTC)
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"I can fight though. I can! I just- Maybe if I alter my potion, so I am bigger than this," Winter suggested.

Date: 2016-06-03 05:33 am (UTC)
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"I think I would not have you bigger," Willy said warmly. "I think you are the perfect size. They will not suspect that Fin has a clever pixie ready to defend him. And you can do things that no fae can do. Perhaps you could create a potion to make the guards small," he suggested, realizing Winter was just as much invested in this as any of the rest of them. Now was not a time to try to protect or shelter him.

Date: 2016-06-03 05:37 am (UTC)
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"I think I would have myself be the size I please," Winter shot back, looking ruffled.

"Winter," Fin sighed. "Let's not quarrel now. Let's just go home, please," he added softly.

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Willy wrapped his arm around Winter and gave him a squeeze, then smiled at Fin.

"An exciting time, no? Come. We shall go home and order pizza and tell the Phouka of our adventure. He will be sorely disappointed he missed out."

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Willy kept his arm around Winter, thinking that even through his bravado the young pixie might be upset about seeing the fight. His long legs kept a slow, easy gait. He was the picture of nonchalance.

"Meg finally got the stain out of the carpet, Fin," he said as they walked, as if that were more important than being attacked.

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"I would be happy to teach you everything you need to know," he replied, then looked down at Winter. "and you as well, brother. You should both know how to face a foe and survive."

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"Yes," Will agreed. "Hide when you can, or fly with your wings out. You are the fastest pixie I know. But if you must fight I will have you knowing how."

His thoughts were plain. He'd not have any of his family vulnerable. They must know how to defend themselves. Even Winter.

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"Yes. But not tonight. The fight is over for now. We should celebrate. There is wine and fine cheese at home. And the Phouka has some sausages that you might like," Willy said cheerfully. His body was buzzing with the thrill of combat and he wanted to make merry since they had all survived.

"What do you say? Shall we drink and dance?" he asked.

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Willy poured the wine for Winter and the Phouka, and for himself as well. And then one more for Fin, which he took hold of and carried it to the bedroom where the other man had isolated himself.

"You vanished," Willy said softly, gently closing the door with his elbow. "I have brought you wine."

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"I believe this must all be a bit overwhelming, Willy agreed with some small measure of sympathy in his voice. "You must have been frightened."

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