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When he wasn't working, and there was nowhere he needed to be, Fin found himself spending quite a bit of time in his fox form. All white fur and small paws, he trotted around the flat quite happily, poking around in places he'd never found interesting before. It was remarkable the amount of new and interesting places there were to sleep when you were a fox. From sofa cushions on the floor, to empty packaging from things purchased online. ...He'd even been known to share Keats' bed- Something the poor dog found very confusing.

Now and then he'd sneak out to the garden, chasing birds or sleeping under the bench, There was a lot of sleeping to be done, it seemed. Nearly as much sleeping as there was eating.

Occasionally he'd curl up on Will's pillow, inhaling the scent of the other fae until he felt warm and content.

He'd even attempted to bathe as a fox once, just out of curiosity, but that hadn't gone very well.

The best thing though, the best thing ever, was to find places to hide. Open cupboards, little shoe boxes... Any small space he could wriggle his way into and lurk. He liked to find quiet spaces like that, and then simply watch Will while he worked on his music. Small and sneaky, he crept about and observed. ...Not that being sneaky ever lasted. He would always eventually slink out of his secret spot to climb into Will's lap for a short nap. Or curl up beside the sleeping fae to share his warmth.

He felt safe as a fox. Protected somehow. ...Enough so that he wondered why he ever bothered being human at all.


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