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2019-04-08 08:47 pm


from here

Fin squirmed happily under the attention, then sighed as he slipped his arms around Greg.

"Alright," he said softly.
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2019-03-29 07:33 pm

Eliot + Hex - Home Sweet Home

Hex had headed out to work a late shift, and had promised to bring his things over to move in properly in the morning, leaving Fin alone for the night. The fae wondered if Eliot might come home soon, or if the other man had found something or someone fun for the evening. He really wanted to talk to him about Hex, to make sure they could all be happy here, but he wasn't about to spoil his fun by texting him and calling him home.

Settling in on the sofa he curled up and clicked on the telly, flicking through Netflix for a while and eventually settling on a film he'd seen a dozen times before. Shifting into his fox form he padded around in circles before finally settling in for the evening.
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2019-03-26 11:01 pm


from this thread

Fin seemed surprised by that, going a bit pink and then nodding. "I'll see you tonight then," he said quietly, letting his fingers brush against Hex's before heading out. He then spent nearly half an hour assuring his manager that he was fine and that there was nothing wrong, but eventually he was left in peace, a car waiting outside to take him home.

Eliot appeared to be out, hopefully off having a good time, and so Fin wandered right into the bedroom, pulling out the trunk and kneeling beside it. He didn't really know what Hex expected of him, but he took his time picking out a few items. A gag, some rope, nothing fancy. He was Sure Hex would want to go through the box himself after all.

Taking his time he stripped down, pausing to examine himself in the mirror. There was a faint bruise on his leg, but it wasn't troubling, and upon deciding he was fine he returned his attention to the things he'd picked out. The gag was open, not made for silence so much as control, and he carefully slipped it on before picking up the rope and attempting something new.  Closing his eyes he focused his magic, guiding the rope and binding his arms behind his back. It wasn't perfect, but he did hope Hex would be impressed as he settled in on the bed on his side and waited.
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2019-03-26 07:48 am


When Eliot had told him he'd seen Hex, Fin's heart had fluttered in excitement, a bright smile on his lips as he'd picked up the number left behind. ...Though the fact that they'd reconnected at a club, that it had been a late night for the pair- That did lead Fin's mind down a certain path, and his smile faded as he awkwardly shrugged and walked away with the number in his hand.

Why couldn't he have been the one to run into Hex? It made his stomach twist uncomfortably, and he shook his head as he tried to banish any thoughts of what the pair might have gotten up to.

I got your message.
Coffee today?
I can meet you whenever you have time.
Missed you.

He sent the text off and then sat down on the edge of the bed, waiting for a reply, not caring if he had to wait hours.
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2019-03-12 03:39 pm

Eliot - London

continued from here

Fin didn't seem bothered by the nudity, and he began to peel off his shirt, tossing it into a nearby hamper.

"It feels like it's been such a long day," he admitted as he continued to strip down to his briefs.
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2018-11-22 12:04 am

Halloween Continued - Eliot

from here

Fin took his time sweeping, doing his best not to think on what he was cleaning up as he brushed it out the front door and watched it blow away in the wind.

No one needed to know what had happened tonight.
Heading back inside, he was considering one more cup of tea before heading off to meet Eliot when he noticed the kitchen window was wide open. Strange, he was sure it had been locked. A strong gust of wind blew through it, carrying the scent of honey and fresh bread. It was enough to distract the young fae as magic began to coil around him and a soft voice spoke in his ear.

Sleep now young prince. Go to sleep.
The effect was instantaneous, and Fin crumpled to the floor oblivious to the large fae looming above him, its teal skin shimmering in the faint light of the kitchen as it moved to lift him.
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2018-11-14 07:22 pm


Once Halloween had faded and the mainland had returned to its usual coastal self, Fin in turn had returned to his usual routine. Most mornings were spent painting or writing, followed by a wander along the shoreline to see if anything interesting had washed up. Most days he found little more than sea glass and shells, but today he'd found something unusual, something of note. Today he'd found a leather jacket, well worn and loved. It had a heavy weight to it, and though Fin had never seen it before in his life, there was something about the look of it and the scent it still carried that felt painfully familiar and precious to him somehow.

Dusting the sand off, Fin held it close for a long moment before pulling it on. It was slightly too large, clearly made for someone taller and slightly broader than himself, but it still hugged his body in a way that felt normal. Like it had hung from his shoulders dozens of times before. 

His magic liked it too, he could feel it crackling and tingling beneath his skin as he slipped his hands into the coat pockets and began to head off towards The Dome for lunch.
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2018-09-22 10:52 pm


from here

Fin toed off his shoes and stripped down a little, revealing a slightly bruised torso as he moved to lay down on the bed. He'd hoped getting out of the city might make what had happened feel less intense, but- No. It was still there, still clawing at him.
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2018-08-23 07:42 pm


It had been less than a week since his overdose, less than a week and again he'd found a small stash of something just waiting for him. Begging him to slip again. It was coke this time, barely more than a line or two- Which was fine, right? He could take that, he could handle that.

He'd always been a little self destructive. Always a looking for something to make his mind just... Stop. Just for a little while. 

Hex was watching him like a hawk it felt like, and it was late in the day when he finally managed to slip off to the Dome. There, in the empty bathroom, he set up two lines.
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2018-08-22 09:03 pm


from here

Fin grinned, squeezing Hex's hand and keeping close to his side.
"You gonna give me a hint?" he asked as they reached the cottage.
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2018-08-20 08:06 pm


From Here

"Is the smarm part of the seduction or just thrown in for fun?" Fin asked with a laugh.
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2018-06-19 12:49 pm


It had been some time now since the portal had vanished, and Fin was only slightly closer to crafting something that would inhibit his magic when he wanted to be certain he was in control- Not it. He had a solid idea of how it needed to be done, having tested some less than ideal variations first, and was armed with more knowledge than ever before. However, he still lacked the talent to do much about it. He'd considered going to Eliot for guidance, but truthfully he knew the best person to turn to was Felix. After all, the wizard had known another incarnation of him and was armed with knowledge and warnings that Fin knew now he absolutely needed to take to heart.
His brief visit to the home of his other self had been unsettling, and it had left him apprehensive and uncertain about, well, everything. However, Fin allowed himself to feel hopeful as he knocked on Shannon and Felix's door.
"Felix? Are you in?" he called, hoping he wasn't disturbing them. Though it wasn't as though he could call ahead he supposed.
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2018-06-09 11:02 pm


After finding himself in London, and the other Fin's flat, and after traveling there again with Hex in tow, Fin had, mostly, been keeping to himself. He'd been decorating the flat with some of the odds and ends they'd pinched, and was slowly going through all the clothes and hanging them up.

He was folding trousers when he found them- A bottle of pills. He knew what they were without reading the script, but it was the name on them that made him pause. Twenty minutes later he was at Greg's door, knocking lightly.

"Greg? Are you home?" he called.
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2018-05-21 11:03 pm


He'd spent most of his day in the computer lab, reading poetry and free books. Sure, he could read in the library, but online he could search for what he wanted, rather than dig around for hours. Most of it was classic literature anyway, and archived all over. 

When he'd finally grown tired of that, he'd eventually wandered into the theater. Tonight there was no theme as far as he could tell, and he'd happily daydreamed himself into the main role of a few films before slinking off home. It was late by the time he got in, the sun setting and the air growing cool. He wondered sometimes if Hex minded the way he just vanished some days, but never stopped to ask. He was sure if Hex cared, he'd make it known.

"Hello?" he called out curiously, wondering if the other man was even in.
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2018-05-12 08:37 pm


from here

Fin knew it was coming, had asked for it, but it was still a bit of a shock as his back hit the door and Hex kissed him roughly.

He whimpered into the kiss, surrendering with a moan as he let himself go.
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2018-05-06 10:37 pm


continued from here

Fin let out a soft gasp, bucking up slightly and nodding a little. Sober, he might have thought this was a bad idea. Tipsy- Well, tipsy he was just following where his magic led him.

"Yes, let's..."
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2018-04-02 10:02 pm


He was still adjusting to having magic, adjusting to the strange jumble of foreign memories in his head. He had moments here and there where he lost time- Never long, just a minute, but enough that he was a touch uneasy afterwards. The trade off for lost moments seemed to be thoughts gained though, like this morning when he'd looked at the stupid crown he'd gotten for Christmas, and realized it was his. That for some reason, he was worthy of a crown. ...A fae prince, Winter had told him.

Right, yeah. ...Prince Finlay. Of course. ...Whatever.

Afternoon approached, and Fin found himself heading over to Robin's, his crown sitting lopsided on his head as he knocked on the door. He couldn't explain it, Robin was just one of the people here he felt drawn to. ...Emotionally attached to, even. It was like the other Fin's desires were alive within him- Or tangled with his own? 

Fuck it, maybe they weren't anyone's but his, who could say?

"Rob? Robin, are you in?" he called out curiously.
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2018-03-24 12:01 am

Fae Beginnings

He'd been having strange dreams lately, terrible dreams. They felt so real- Dreams where his vision became impaired, dreams where men hurt him as he begged them to stop... Dreams where he was locked away in a dark room, held by a man with a soft voice and foul breath. Vivid nightmares that left him trembling and shaking. 
On top of that, Finlay found himself growing even weaker than usual lately, his bones frail, his arms tired. His head pounded so hard that writing became impossible, and though he rarely ate, when he did the food was often rejected, leaving him hunched over the toilet and struggling not to faint.
Today it was the worst it had ever been. He'd not dared to have more than a cup of coffee, and yet here he was, hunched over a toilet in the dome's lower bathroom, spitting up bile as his empty stomach continued to clench and expunge itself. His shoulders were shaking, and he felt a rush of panic as a drop of blood hit the rim of the bowl. Reaching up, he could feel his nose bleeding, and he trembled as he became more and more aware of how dizzy he felt. 
What the hell was wrong with him? He couldn't be sick, the dead couldn't get sick, surely...
His head was spinning, his chest tight, and his pulse... His pulse? His pulse that was usually shallow and slow was suddenly loud in his ears. It was steady and strong, too loud in his ears, he thought- Just as his grip on the bowl loosened and he crashed to the floor.
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2018-02-16 09:14 pm


The day after their session, or whatever one might call it, Fin slept in. ...Not that it was strange for him to do so, but he seemed more content than usual, less tense and guarded as he lay curled up on his side, his face pressed against his pillow.. He was at peace in a way he rarely was, no matter how much he smiled or how brightly he seemed to laugh, there was often a dark cloud following the actor around- But not today. Not now.